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…originality, in art as in science, consists in a shift of attention to aspects of reality previously ignored, discovering hidden connections, seeing familiar objects or events in a new light.

Arthur Koestler

(Made by Elizabeth with the wrap from a bag of lemons and a medical lab’s purple and red tape, which is topped with a wine bottle’s metal cork protector.)

wearable to fine art

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At twenty-five, Sumi Foley saved her grandma’s silk kimonos from the trash since her grandma had tired of them. An artist, Foley deconstructs these kimonos to recreate them as hand sewn fine art.

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When one paints without sketching, it’s termed boneless, which is how Sumi embroiders the roses and hands on her hand-stitched patchwork in her “For My Love” series, made of silk kimono and silk organza.

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Here’s a short interview with Foley, and inspiration for the timeless continuity of reconstruction and change.



I saw this car’s hand lettered sign

in its back window yesterday:


Funny, it appeared to be parked.

And I’m surprised this car attends church at all

unless it’s saying that

under this starlit sky

whatever/wherever we are,

we are sacred and always

attending church.

Thank you to the editor of Marin Poetry Center Anthology VI for first publishing this poem.