Exit through the gift shop

Love this movie. The sensibility and artistic craft, courage and social statements are brilliant.

In the summer of 2009, a friend drove me past this sign, which I had to jump out and photograph.

Turned out to be a happening for an artist involved with Exit Through the Gift Shop . Yet the real artist is Banksy, underground and overground hero, artist, thinker and social commentator. He’s technically stunning and creative, brave, quick and smart.

While some argue that Banksy is the best graffitist, he has many peers. Without borders, generally by night, graffiti artists draw attention to the relentless greed that sells products, images and manufactured lives, 24/7. Yet these manipulative mega-companies cry foul when graffiti exposes the real cost of their ads and products.

I highly recommend the film as it explores some of the best graffiti and guerilla art waged, and why Life Is so damn Beautiful!

By Elizabeth


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