“Balance,” red collage, & photo by Elizabeth

Upon commitment, the Universe conspires to exist; who are you not to shine…be brilliant!

Marianne Williamson on Nelson Mandala

Though this looks like a single figure from a few feet back, Elizabeth used dozens of magazine strips to create the yogi, light and shadow. The green framing is van Gogh’s.

Close up of “Collage in Reds”


P1070225 - Version 3

“Blue Heart,” mixed media, & photo by Elizabeth

There will never be

only love

only peace

but there can be

more love than

before we got here

and more peace


we stayed here.

David Richo, Everyday Commitments

Elizabeth creates 3-D art and photographs with eggshells because their fragility and strength parallel the human condition.

Longing to Belong

Dk in Lt
photo by Elizabeth

girl with eyes too large and
milky teeth fairies must wait
years for in a country that ripped
her from Mama locked her in
metal cage no laughter crosses
her howl swells into lost
others' sounds for families
babies resounds past soiled
dreams strips belonging as
those ripping teach children
how arms are weapons

Thank you to Writers Resist for first publishing “Longing to Belong.”

For Stella

Stella, photo by Elizabeth

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

My friend adopted an 11-year-old 17 pound miniature pinscher, Stella, as well as Stella’s senior bestie and brought them home to Luke, her regal 85 pound rottweiler mix.

Already deaf, Stella had lost an eye in a fight with a larger dog a few weeks earlier. Her stitches were still in place when Stella met Luke, who accepted the new dogs in his home, which was a first. However, when Stella came near Luke’s food, he let out a roar that other dogs had always run or cowered from.

Not Stella. She reared up on exceptionally slender legs, stared at Luke through her one eye and growled loud, ready for action. Never challenged before, Luke looked shocked as he stared at this fine-boned snack-of-a-senior. To his credit, he walked away. Her body was small yet Stella’s spirit was indomitable.