weekly photo challenge: reflection

CIMG1019 - Version 2


Back then I was going steady
with fog, who could dance
like nobody’s business, I threw her over
for a leaf that one day fluttered
first her shadow then her whole life
into my hand, that’s a lot

of relatives, this leaf
and that leaf and all the other leaves
hung around, I told her
I needed space, which was true,
without it I’d only be a soul,
and no one’s sure that whisp
is real, that’s why we say
of real estate, location, location
location, and of speech,
locution, locution, locution
and of love, yes, yes, yes
I am on my knees, will you have me,

Bob Hicok

(from The New Yorker May 14, 2012)

2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: reflection”

    1. Thanks. Yes, all the art or photos are mine unless otherwise credited. But, Hicok, that’s all his writing and why he’s one of my favorite poets.

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