photo by Elizabeth


Back then I was going steady with fog, who could dance like nobody’s business, I threw her over for a leaf that one day fluttered first her shadow then her whole life into my hand, that’s a lot of relatives, this leaf and that leaf and all the other leaves hung around, I told her I needed space, which was true, without it I’d only be a soul, and no one’s sure that whisp is real, that’s why we say of real estate, location, location location, and of speech, locution, locution, locution and of love, yes, yes, yes I am on my knees, will you have me, world?

Bob Hicok

(from The New Yorker, May 14, 2012)

By Elizabeth


    1. Thanks. Yes, all the art or photos are mine unless otherwise credited. But, Hicok, that’s all his writing and why he’s one of my favorite poets.


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