I Had…

assemblage horse by Dickens44; photo by Elizabeth

Collies, gold and white                         fist strikes
Running beside me                                palms slap
As I explored                                            foot slams
Orchards of oranges and owls,          me against the floor
Beaver dams                                           hands rip
Abandoned in summer.                        heads off my dolls

Polished maple posts                           legs spread
Stretched sheer white lace                 forced apart
Over my head,                                        by arms wider
A walk-in closet                                     than my thighs
Held handcrafted horses,                   I can't speak yet
Stuffed elephants and bears.            can't say no

Chestnut horse,                                     nurses jab needles in wrists
Flaming in the sun,                               cold fingers bruise me
Neighs soaring in the wind,               asthma restrains me
Swift as a kite                                         muscles tear
To ride away                                           as I lunge
On.                                                             for air

Thank you to the editors of The Sonoma Mandala: Literary Review for first publishing this poem.

By Elizabeth


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