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Cave Art of the Stockholm Metro

Great photos of wonderful paintings…enjoy!

Duck Pie

Stockholm has one of the most spectacular subway systems in the world, the T-Bana, which is quite saying something when you consider the marble palaces of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the concrete cathedrals of Washington, and the archaeological ruins of Athens and Mexico City.

The system is billed as the longest art gallery in the world, which, in a certain respect, is hardly unique. Subways have long been a means by which to bring art to the masses: the classic Soviet systems, Montreal, Los Angeles, Munich. But certain stations in Stockholm, primarily along the city’s Blue Line, are singularly spectacular due to the city’s geology. Due to characteristics of the bedrock beneath the watery city, instead of boring, the metro’s stations and tunnels are simply blasted away – oddly fitting in the birthplace of Alfred Nobel. As a result, the system’s stations are grand cavernous spaces not wholly unlike certain…

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