Our Favorite Books and Why We Love Them

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Brilliant post! Different views with clear synopses and great quotes. Thank you so much. I can hardly wait to read the books I’ve not yet.

I have so many favorites–Pullman’s THE DARK MATERIALS trilogy; anything by Michael Ondaatje, Laurie Halse Anderson or Toni Morrison–I can only choose one I haven’t loaned or given to someone else so I have a quote.

BELOVED by Toni Morrison, inhabits the edges of freedom and slavery, life and death, experiences too large to capture except with the most intimate perceptions of a mother and her baby girl with a language animate as breakdance:
“124 was spiteful. Full of a baby’s venom….Ohio had been calling itself a state only seventy years when first one brother and then the next stuffed quilt packing into his hat, snatched up his shoes, and crept away from the likely spite the house felt for them.”

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At Automattic, we have a plethora of book lovers. We love to read and we love to share. And today, we’re going to share books we’ve loved with you, in the hopes that you’ll return the favor and share your favorite books with us in the comments.

lorilooLori McLeese

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion
Joan Didion allows us into her year after her husband, Gregory Dunne, died. I read this book once or twice a year, and it always brings tears, though I know the outcome. It’s not a romanticized love story, it’s a real love story, and it’s about those incredible, raw, numbing, forgetful moments you find yourself emerged in as grief washes over you.

My favorite passage:

Was it about faith or was it about grief?

Were faith and grief the same thing?

Were we unusually dependent on one another the summer we swam and…

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