Twisted Waves of Glass

I love both the source of Niyoko’s sculptures and how glass plays with light and evokes emotion. Please enlarge the first photo for a sense of how stunning this work truly is.

Lucid Gypsy

I’ve been to Bristol Museum with friends today and one of the highlights was a creation by Ikuta Niyoko. ‘Ku (Free Essence 32)’, is made from thin slices of laminated glass joined together to make it three dimensional. Niyoko  begins by drawing to capture an emotion and explore Buddhist concepts, as well as the complex reflections an refractions of light.

I hope you enjoy this work as much as I did, do you agree that it’s a good example of ‘Twist’? I think it fits well for this weeks Photo Challenge. Click an image for a  larger view.

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By Elizabeth


    1. I love glass and light arts, which often coexist. Even if it was a different artist, how wonderful that you saw something similar close up. Feel free to send info if it’s another artist. Thanks for you comment.


      1. I just looked up the pictures I took. The artist was Danny Lane who made ‘furniture’ from twisted glass pieces. However, the best light and glass work at the V&A is the balustrade in the Glass Gallery which is also made of stacked and twisted geometric pieces of green glass. The light effects are incredible. Would you like me to send you a couple of pictures?


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