Living with Chronic Illness


The following quotes and suggestions are drawn from After the Diagnosis: From Crisis to Personal Renewal for Patients with Chronic Illness by Dr. JoAnn LeMaistre.


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“Being psychologically well while physically sick stems from a belief that your personal worth transcends physical limitations.”



“Belief in your self worth rarely emerges until what you have lost and grieved for stands second in importance to precious moments of inner peace and joy.”



When living with chronic illness:

1.  Develop realistic expectations.

2.  Actively approach problems by defining the problem and the desired outcome.

3.  Seek appropriate help.

4.  Save valuable energy by learning anger management and emotional efficiency.

5.  Participate in the world as positively and authentically as possible.

6.  Focus on the present moment and what nourishes you rather than punishing yourself by focusing on loss. Maintain your humanity and awareness, and cherish life’s gifts.


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By Elizabeth

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