Drawing is a Journey

Drawing is not an exercise.
Exercise is sitting on a stationary bicycle and going nowhere.
Drawing is being on a bicycle and taking a journey.
For me to succeed in drawing, I must go fast and arrive somewhere.
The quest is to keep the thing alive…
                                               Jim Dine, 2003
IMG_0024.JPG copy - Version 2
(Pastel on particle board)
Eventually I’d like to paint this, but I drew it on the back of an entertainment sectional since the back faced the living room. Because it’s an uncoated pastel, it has lost much of its color over the years and has been swiped inadvertently several times.
As with most of my art, I had no idea what I was going to draw. I just knew I didn’t like looking at the particle board and that I’d have to work around a hole the former owner had used for cords.
I started with the bird flying from the heart and everything else came into place as I drew…for months…the hole eventually incorporated into a Native American inspired sun.
When I finished, I realized this drawing was SILENCE…the drummer has no ears and is between beats; owl flight is silent; the waves are at their pinnacle…an image caught in the music’s pause, in the grace between sound…an unimagined image that provided a satisfying journey.

By Elizabeth


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